Saturday, February 18, 2012



Although, anatomically and physiologically we all are more or less the same, but we are very much different at mental level.
Many of us have amassed huge wealth, many have great powers,politically or otherwise, many of us have excelled in academics...
Many of us live in great poverty, they hardly could afford to arrange for their daily meals. Many of our friends are committing suicide out of desperation....
So we all have different states/levels socially, economically and politically.
This is only one side of the picture as these differences may be ascribed to our status which we inherit.
On the other side of the spectrum are the people who, in spite of good educational background, good social standing and power are engaged in perverted activities....
So, the real measure of our status is not our socio,politico,economical status but our level of mental evolution.
All of us are at different stages of mental evolution. It has always been my strong conviction that our purpose is to evolve to the highest level ....
We are destined to achieve it sooner or later. Death is not an end. It is like turning the pages of a note book, every page is in a continuum, till one completes the note book.
Humane is a microcosm and destined to realize  and become one with the macrocosm.

If we realize the ultimate aim of humane existence, our lives will entirely change. The world will be a different place.... This is the utopia which we are destined to realize at different times.

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