Tuesday, August 5, 2008

In the Search of Truth..

OM, Purnamada, purnamidam purnatpurnamudachyate,

purnasya, purnamadaya Purnamewawashishyate.

( Ishawasyopanishad)

Man's quest for truth is as old as human existence. fundamental questions of
universe & human existance remain as obscure today as they were in the ancient time.
why am I here? IS THERE ANY PURPOSE? Who am I? what about the God?

Questions of Morality & society, Good & bad, Virtue & vice, Life & death, Eternity of soul etc. remain equally unanswered.

HOW WAS THE UNIVERSE CREATED? was there a CREATOR or was it mere an accident? Apparent beauty. harmony & order which we see in the universe is also merely a play of physical laws and exists only by chance and there is no devine play in all existence. human mind will ultimately discover the equations which will solve all above questions once & for all..........????

Human mind is finite and can work only by experience- direct or indirect.I shall honestly try to find out the Truth' ? may be for myself................