Saturday, October 5, 2013


Self  Preservation or survival is perhaps the most natural of all the Instincts in all  living beings.
If we scrutinize further, we shall see that this is present even in the unicellular organisms, like amoeba  & also  seen in all cells & cell organelles.
But, how some times, we see someone killing himself ? This counters the most basic of all the Instincts. Is it only found in the human beings and not in other creatures? If so, then, Is it the price of evolution we humans have to pay and are paying?
Yesterday only, one of my close acquaintance, was brought to me in a state of coma. He had poisoned him self. The day before, he had visited me with his wife , who had certain ailment.
He was an old man, retired from his service and was getting enough pensions to live a comfortable life. I am really perplexed as to what brought him to such a pass. If he had some  Psychological problem, as many would say, in that case, he could have done it long back.
Why did it happen now? Psychiatrists may have some solid explanation for that. But, that again will open a new Pandora's box.
Probably, it is an impulse or a state of psychic seizure, which lasts  for a moment, but finishes every thing in a single stroke. Here are beautiful lines from the Bhagwad Gita;

ध्यायते विषया पुंश, संगस्ते सुपजायते                 संगात सज्जायते काम, कामात क्रोधाभिजयते.
                      क्रोधात भवति सम्मोहम, सममोहत स्मृति बिभ्रम
                     स्मृति भ्रन्साद बुधि नासो, बुधी नसात प्रनश्यती.