Saturday, October 5, 2013


Self  Preservation or survival is perhaps the most natural of all the Instincts in all  living beings.
If we scrutinize further, we shall see that this is present even in the unicellular organisms, like amoeba  & also  seen in all cells & cell organelles.
But, how some times, we see someone killing himself ? This counters the most basic of all the Instincts. Is it only found in the human beings and not in other creatures? If so, then, Is it the price of evolution we humans have to pay and are paying?
Yesterday only, one of my close acquaintance, was brought to me in a state of coma. He had poisoned him self. The day before, he had visited me with his wife , who had certain ailment.
He was an old man, retired from his service and was getting enough pensions to live a comfortable life. I am really perplexed as to what brought him to such a pass. If he had some  Psychological problem, as many would say, in that case, he could have done it long back.
Why did it happen now? Psychiatrists may have some solid explanation for that. But, that again will open a new Pandora's box.
Probably, it is an impulse or a state of psychic seizure, which lasts  for a moment, but finishes every thing in a single stroke. Here are beautiful lines from the Bhagwad Gita;

ध्यायते विषया पुंश, संगस्ते सुपजायते                 संगात सज्जायते काम, कामात क्रोधाभिजयते.
                      क्रोधात भवति सम्मोहम, सममोहत स्मृति बिभ्रम
                     स्मृति भ्रन्साद बुधि नासो, बुधी नसात प्रनश्यती.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Eternal Yearning

Life, ye so mysterious ,yet so  simple.
As a child, I wished I could fly with the Eagles high in the sky.
 growing up ,I was focused on studies to make a good carrier.
 Spring of the life was spoilt thus,
Now, dusk is approaching fast,
And so is the utter confusion , as to what for this all was?
I tried hard to search a meaning, but in vain....
I tried to find an ideal,  that too in vain,
I tried to take pride in the service of the humanity,
But it was too hypocritical .
I am bewildered & utterly confused,
What inference should I make when I leave this earth?
Perhaps, it was the childhood, pure & innocent
 the real meaning & so close to  the truth........

Thursday, March 21, 2013

It is almost  more than a year that I felt an urge to write something on my blog.
I personally feel that writing is more of an art, Art to play with the  words. it does not really reflect the truth, I mean the Individual  truth. If one is good at this art, he can camaflouge  for any thing.So this is perhaps the reason for my displeasure to write......
BUT ,inherent biological & evolutionary  trait to communicate  with  the society, no matter how small it may be, compells me to try this mis- adventure.

I retrospect  and find that i could not become any wiser all through this life. In fact , I feel that i was wiser when i was still a child in my native village. I had a CLEAR VISION , SOUND DREAMS, MY IDEALS, and CLEAR POSITIVE HOPES  for the future.

TODAY, after almost half a century, I am totally bewildered. I lack  a clear vision, an original thought, high dreams or great ideals to follow. WHY did this happen?

I THINK,this is all the result of education. more Educated we are, More cunning & hypocrite we become.
WE LOOSE OUR NATURE BY ACQUIRING THIS SO CALLED EDUCATION. We try very hard to pretend what we are not. We try to rule over the others in  manners which are apparently less barbaric but  in reality  extremely cruel.We invent impeccable arguments to prove our points,Make rules in the parliaments ,implement those laws with immense power which we have cunningly ammased with us.We provoke the less educated(.. read less cunning) masses with our well crafted garbs of NTIONALITY. RELEGEON, REGIONALISM and what not....

Greatest hurdle in humane emancipation has been our ill- conceived Education system where we have produced billions of satanic living robots. and brutalized all humane  values........