Thursday, October 20, 2011

killing of libiyan ruler Gaddafi by his opponents saddens me. It saddens me not because I was his admirer or loved his ideology......It makes me acutely aware of the fragility and meaninglessness of humane misadventure.till not long back, he was not so bad a villain. suddenly USA & its allies declare him the biggest monster on the earth, albeit after they were on hunt and now they successfully eliminated him . what all this implies is that USA & EUROPE determine the morality of all us humans on earth. what they consider right is right and wrong is wrong.
rightly said that might is right.....
I do not foresee any hope of evolution of humans morally & intellectually. We are as cunning as ever. we are less barbaric not because we have evolved as humane but because we have invented newer tools which falsely appear less barbaric.
we are still being governed by the principle of_EYE FOR AN EYE.
DEFINITELY,we all shall be blind one day till some one from some alien planet gives us the sight of wisdom.............